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Gay Rights Bibi's

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Friday the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in ALL 50 states! This was a beautiful moment in Human Equality and LGBTQ rights, however it has been met with adversity. Religious groups across the country have spoken out about this issue, and I’m appalled. Why would any heterosexual even worry about what the LGBTQ community is doing?

Although this was a great defeat in Human Rights, I have to say that I am still waiting on the equal rights of Black America. At that moment I will cheer and scream to the heavens, for now I will let my friends in the LGBTQ community know that they have my support. They have my support along with a challenge to continue doing the work for the Black community.


Early Saturday morning in the wake of the Charlseton Nine’s Clementa Pickney’s funeral, a young woman named Bree Newsome took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. She climbed up the flag pole in front of the South Carolina State House at 6 am. Newsome ignored the demands to get down from the pole and has been charged with defacing monuments that carries a fine up to $5000 and three year imprisonment. In lieu of her charge, a crowd funding raised about $65,000 for her bail and fees. The flag, however, was raised once again 45 minutes later giving the crowd what they wanted. I think she was honorable and showed incredible non-violent leadership. Bree Newsome, you are forever going to be one of our heroes.

Watch below to see Bree Newsome remove the confederate flag.


Sunday we had the BET Awards 2015, with big winners like Taraji P. Henson, Monae Davis, Sam Smith, Chris Brown, and Beyonce! With a huge dance tribute to Ms. Janet Jackson, who received an Ultimate Icon Award, the great Smokey Robinson, and the philanthropic Tom Joyner it was a great show!

The show stopper was that Diddy and Family! My childhood flashed before my eyes by the time I found my breath, and realized I didn’t see Total! Faith, Mase, Lil Kim were ALL my favorites, but when 112 came out I screamed! Lil Kim had the nerve to come out the floor, I couldn’t deal! Then he let that C Breezy get loose in his set, I lost my mind! A job well done Diddy…but we saw you fall. Gotta love it!

What was your favorite part?