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#DIY Latern Centerpiece

Hey guys,

As promised, I am delivering a DIY which will be part of my “New Years Eve Dinner” series! I hope you enjoy the step by step tutorial, if you decide to make one tag me in your diy design!

Things you will need:
Glue Gun
4 or 5 5X7 photo frames (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

Step 1:
Purchase the frames. I showed mine here so you can see what they looked like before. In the Dollar Tree everything is actually a dollar so go take advantage of that!

Photo Cred: BiBi

Photo Cred: BiBi

Step 2:
Take the hot glue gun and secure the glass in the frame to lessen the risk of falling out.

Photo Cred:BiBi

Photo Cred:BiBi

Step 3:
Measure the frames and make sure they are aligned and then glue them together. Repeat these steps until the latern is glued together.

Photo cred: BiBi

Photo cred: BiBi

Step 4:
Make sure the lantern is stable before standing it up. I didn’t watch my glue and ended up having glue on the side of my frame but it was ok I was able to get it off after the photo.

Photo Cred: BiBi

Photo Cred: BiBi

Step 5:

Dress up your space with these centerpieces for your dinner table.

Photo cred: Bibi

Photo cred: Bibi

Thanks for reading and if you make your own tag us in it using the hashtag #DIYLANTERN

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Growing Up Hip Hop….CHILE!

Now normally I don’t indulge in reality tv, well I indulge I just don’t share. It’s a guilty pleasure that my other half HATES! Anyway, so while watching Growing Up Hip Hop, I had my entire soul snatched! First they had the Angela Simmons pregnancy and engagement news, then we got the James Debarge/Janet Jackson secret daughter, Romeo’s little sister is an addict, Briana Latrise getting beat up, and now Andre King the brother of Swizz Beats is gay?! He says in his confessional “keeping up appearances is hard”, but c’mon we knew he was gay, right? or at least bisexual, no?

Photo Cred: WeTV

Photo Cred: WeTV

I love these people, but I feel like I liked them better when they were in an untouchable bubble. Now let’s talk about Andre, I feel like who cares if he’s gay? For one, he’s gorgeous, he’s successful, and I haven’t heard any incredibly yucky stories about him so his orientation is cool with me. I just think it sucks that he has to hide behind, and then have to be exposed on national television. I am positive they had to let him know they’d release it, but that’s a hell of a way to “come out”! I hope all is well, and sorry Briana…you will not be sleeping in his bed.

Shouts to the LGBTQ Community!!!

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INSECURE- Are you #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence

Photo Cred: HBo

Photo Cred: HBo

Insecure was a hot, new comedy on HBO that starred Issa Rae as Issa and Yvonne Orji as Molly. Two LA millennials looking for love and striving for success in their fields. What I love the most is they are all educated, black people! [thumbs up Issa] Insecure depicts Issa in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Lawrence, who’s played by Blue from the show The Game. Jay Ellis is definitely fine, and showed a lot of his thinly sculpted body. I love how Issa has a typical group of black friends. The awkward one is none other than Issa, the promiscuous one was Molly, the bougie, submissive one is Tiffany [Amanda Seales], and lastly Kelli [Natasha Rothwell] the ratchet, “chubby” one. Every black girl knows this is typical relationship between sister friends.

Photo Cred: HBo

Photo Cred: HBo

Back to Lawrence, he really couldn’t keep a job or find one, and had been unemployed for a few years according to the show’s timeline. We all know in this world we live in today a man with no job is no fun! lol Anyway, she attempted to leave and be single, however she loves him and goes back. She’s tempted by an old flame, Daniel and she cheats on Lawrence. Then Lawrence takes a job at Best Buy that he is obviously overqualified for. Meanwhile, Issa cannot stop thinking about how she bust it wide open in the studio for Daniel! When the shhhh hits the fan and Lawrence finds out, he leaves her for a bank teller named Tasha [who during the show became his confidant] in the season’s finale.
Photo Cred: HBo

Photo Cred: HBo

Now I have to be honest, I cannot fault Lawrence for leaving but he didn’t even try to work it out. So for the last few days I have been polling men asking the question, “why do men leave after one discretion, but expect a woman to stay after he’s cheated multiple times?” The responses I received were crazy! Some men think that women are not ever going to leave them because many surmised that a woman is just as comfortable as they are in the relationship. Men believe they can commit offense after offense, and their apologies to be accepted. However, when they’re the ones that were wronged in any way, they will not and I repeat will not be so forgiving. I even asked “Mister” what his opinion was, and he said “he couldn’t imagine another man being with his woman the way he is.”. Now while that is understandable, he was very clear he ain’t with the shhhh lol which is cool because I am not either. Lol

So now, I don’t know if I am #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa because I understand both positions.

So what’s your thoughts?

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Best Mannequin Challenge So Far!

With so many challenges sweeping the internet, a young group of blacks and latinos brought attention to a serious problem in The United States, Police brutality. In light of the new President-elect, I think it’s time to set a new tone in America. They are making us face our issues head on. Check out the mannequin challenge!


DIY Nook Vanity Makeover-Budget Friendly

So I wanted to give my little nook in my bedroom an update. I said that I was going to use it as a changing/makeup station, so I looked around the house for my budget luxurious items. I had an old vanity that I got for free from my neighbor, and a mirror in the living room that only I used, a stool, and a girly Marilyn Monroe photo. I am taking that down, however it serves its purpose for this post. What I didn’t have was something to cover the worn top on the vanity, then I thought hmmm, contact paper! I go to the local family dollar and purchase a roll of contact paper, 2 vases, and a curtain. I was at Walmart for a completely different reason and ended up purchasing what I came for as well as a small, transparent make up organizer. I went to my moms and she gifted me a lamp and another piece I can hang jewelry from. All together my project was less than $20 bucks!

With a little will, there is always a way! Check out the gallery below…

Things You Will Need:

  • old desk or table, either doesn’t matter you’re personalizing it anyway!
  • mirror, I bought mine years ago for about $1-5 at a dollar store so mine was recycled but they go for pretty cheap.
  • Lamp, my mom gifted this so it was free, but some stores like Family Dollar have them for about $5-$10 dollars.
  • Curtain, I bought mine for $5 at the Family Dollar store.
  • Picture, was purchased from Walmart about 6 years ago for about $10 so it was on hand and free.
  • Vases, for hair utensils from Family Dollar store and were literally a dollar

Throw this all together and rejuvenate your space. I promise you when you walk in after a long day it will be worth it!


5 Ways to Make Your Credit Jump for Joy

We all know credit is a major asset to have in life! It is synonomous with giving someone your “word is bond” when borrowing something promising to pay back. Now don’t get me wrong, typically many people do well with their credit, however there are far more that do not. This is for the people that have moderate to bad credit. I’m a Dream Catcher so I take my personal finances seriously. I am also cheap lol, but that’s another story. I follow the financial advice of Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, she can be found on Facebook here I surmised five important points for me and I hope they can help you.


  • Get a secured card, if your credit is need of an adjustment. This will help build or establish credit.
  • Make sure your utilization is below 30%. This shows you are a responsible user and you will not abuse the credit.
  •  Find a bill that you pay faithfully every month, and pay it on or before time with the credit card. Then pay the credit card to zero with the money you had for the bill in cash.
  • Plan a budget. Typically you add up all your monthly expenses and subtract that from your monthly income.
  • SAVE! It is very important to save because this is the mindset that builds wealth.

There are many other things you can do to fix your credit and make it a priority. These five tips are just a reference point, but I guarantee it will make a difference in at least 30-45 days.


UGH! Don’t Be That Guy!!

UGH! Don’t be that guy! You know the guy that doesn’t understand the word “no!”, and the level of actual thirst is ridiculously high! Now when I say “thirsty” I don’t mean he opened the door for me and offered to buy me a drink, I mean thirsty thirsty… if that’s a thing. Now I know I don’t get out much, but I know a creep when I see one. Imagine being out, enjoying life with friends, and having a really great time. That’s not hard to imagine. Now add a dude with a weird look about him and an over aggressive way with women trying to dance with you. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s no fun!

So I’ve compiled a small list for guys that can possibly help you get to know women better when you’re trying to get to know them.

  • Ask her if she’d like to dance. Believe it or not she will appreciate that question later on if you’re a gentleman.
  • If she says “No!” , move on. Do Not call her the b-word because she is not obligated to like you back.
  • NEVER make the room uncomfortable. Let’s be honest it gets weird after a no, but it’s not the end of the world.

Have you ever had a weird encounter with the creepy guy in the club or the library? Tell me about it…



Photo Credit: Jessica Bonilla, Facebook

Living Life with Lanii

Photo Credit: Jessica Bonilla, Facebook

Photo Credit: Jessica Bonilla, Facebook

Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re a creative mom on a budget like myself, you’re looking for an affordable costume. What better way to have a bit of spooky fun with the children and maybe some of your girlfriends than dressing up.

Now I know what you’re saying, why would I want to dress up? I hate Halloween. Yeah yeah I know! But what if I told you that you could watch a professional transform before your eyes, would you be interested in watching? Well you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

This make up artist is out of NJ and if you look closely you may recognize her from the music scene, as she’s a talented vocalist. However, now she’s tapping into other skills and serving us that Halloween face paint realness!

Jack Skellington was her break out video, but she went on to portray Selena, Mulan, and Sally from The Night Before Christmas. So if you’re interested in some of these looks click here:

Photo Credit: Jessica Bonilla, Facebook

Photo Credit: Jessica Bonilla, Facebook



Couponing Is Life

Frequently I hear people say how much they love couponing, but I never took an interest in it because it seems so time consuming. Then there was Summer 16! A friend of mine had recently taken up the sport of couponing, and more importantly was willing to share! Now I am all about anything that is free because if it’s free it’s for BiBi. She directed me to a site called which was a lifesaver! I said to myself I’m going to do a small haul just to see what I had to do in order to save tremendously. So here are some tips.

1. Use the coupons from the site, if you copy and they’re not in color the store will not take them.

2. Pay attention to the quantity you can purchase in a day. For example, one household can purchase 4 identical items at a time in one store.

3. Get what you need and not things that are just on sale, it defeats the purpose of saving.

4. Tell a friend. If you have a friend that is into saving their money it makes the experience more fun!

My friend also told me about the Instagram community that sells coupons, however I don’t know how I feel about this. If I can get and print them for free unless I really need it I won’t purchase them from anyone else. However, if you are adamant about couponing, the hashtag to search is #couponcommunity.

I hope this helps, Happy Couponing!!!


Unicorn Vomit by The IZM.

As we sat here and waited for Plight of the Centaur, our great friend The IZM. has blessed us with something to satiate our musical palate. He says that his newest releases are an experiment, however I say when you got it, you got it! Unicorn Vomit, a spoken word over dope beats, is eclectic view of life as he knows it right now. It is streaming here

Remixes and bonus tracks are soon to come, but for now you be the judge!

Kathryn Nee

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