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BiBIAfter a long hiatus, I am back! I took a moment to enjoy life, my family, and my new living arrangements! I am super excited to say that there will be daily postings, a lot of celebrity gossip,  lifestyle hacks, some of my favorite youtube videos and so much more thanks for being a fan, friend, and motivators!!

We are back!!!

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Finally after a week long wait, Meek Mill released his highly anticipated response to Drake’s two diss tracks Charged Up and Back 2 Back. Meek shed light on the ghostwriting even featuring the reference of Quentin Miller for the song Know Yourself. Continually letting it be known that Drake may not be responsible for the bars on these diss tracks, but instead being a “milli vanilli” as Meek said.


I have to say, I’m a fan of Drake but this, to me, was a dope attempt. However, Drake may not have felt the same way.


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“Monogamy isn’t realistic”

I went to the movies on date night, and this blared through the theater speakers! I watched 8 different women look at their date like “don’t believe that!” Lol. However, when Amy Schumer, Lebron James, and Bill Hader team up for this romantic comedy Trainwreck, one has to ask herself, “is monogamy realistic”?!


Keeping the affirmation her dad gave her sacred, Amy had a plethora of men, a niche for drinking, and partying all night! She meets a sports doctor and suddenly feelings start to change! Can she go from a lady of the night to a woman by her man’s side?

Written by the tremendously gifted Amy Schumer of Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. She’s done many great things in her time, but this is her baby and first major role! Let’s hope she knocks it out the ballpark because this trailer looks like everything! Doesn’t hurt that Lebron’s in there too! Can’t wait to see it!

Today the movie comes out July 17, 2015 and we shall see! Watch the trailer for Trainwreck below.


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Trey Songz visits The Breakfast Club

Mr. Steal Your Girl is back, as his single Slow Motion hits number one! At The Breakfast Club promoting his fourth number one hit of the album Trigga, here he spoke on touring with Chris Brown, his love life, and needing a vacation. He seems to have a humble, mature spirit when he speaks on love and not responding to the hate from his peers and fans. We are anticipating the release of Tremaine, but while you wait check out his interview here!

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Brandy as Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical

I am just a regular person who is a lover of all things, and I like to share! CHICAGO is one of the best musicals on Broadway, and has been for years! However, the Starz aligned (See what I did there) and allowed the Vocal Bible, better known as Brandy, to stand next to me! First let me say, she was phenomenal! I honestly have to say this is the best I’ve ever seen her! Not because of the music, but instead the acting and improvising she does! She made Roxie hers, and I believed every second of it! Now that is not to say Brandy didn’t slide those honey dipped vocals into the songs like “Roxie” and “Me and My Baby” because I almost fell out of my seat!

For one, I struggled to believe I was ten feet away from her for the second time in 2 years. What was even more fascinating is the different kinds of people that came to witness her greatness! CHICAGO was great,  but a chance meeting with the star of the show was enough for me to know God is real! She walked out and I reverted back to my 12 year old self! I couldn’t believe I was shaking so much that she had to take our selfie! So not only did she hug me, posed with me, laughed with me, took our selfie, she said “Thanks, nice seeing you again” I laughed because I knew she didn’t know who I was, but the gesture was still genuine! She was even down for a great laugh when I said my bestie (who made most of this possible by the way Thanks Shug!) was not her biggest fan; I was! Then demanded we ALL needed a pic! I really appreciated our moment!

Her residency at the Ambassador Theater on W 49th and Broadway has been extended to AUGUST 2 because she’s that damn good, so go check it out! Maybe you can meet her too!

To keep up with Brandy visit her blog and hashtag #TheNextBrandy




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Fresh off his run as an unsigned artist featured on Spike Lee’s joint Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, THE IZM is back with his latest musical masterpiece. Serving all that boom cat realness with the new track “Blazed Out”, I sat down with THE IZM to find out what he’s been up to.

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THE IZM credits finding his name on the back of Erykah Badu’s  Mama’s Gun where it states “What’s yo Izm?” Rapping and producing is something that he discovered in 2004 [05], he enjoyed. Releasing NTROduction to IZMaticks 101: Expanded Edition,  then King For A Day on January 21, 2013 (which was MLK,Jr. Day), and the highly anticipated Plight of the Centaur is on its way.

THE IZM goes on record saying “I will forever be indebted to Travis Daniels, Lesley G, and his manager Dave Jackson” for helping him put out one of his most vulnerable works, however he owes his newly found success to Spike Lee himself. He states being down and out, faded scrolling through Facebook, he happened upon the opportunity with the famed filmmaker.


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“I’ll submit “I Don’t Feel God”, not really thinking anything of it. About a month and half later, “you’re in the semifinals!” About a month and a half after that, “you’re on the soundtrack for Da Sweet Blood of Jesus”!” This is the song he feels is the most vulnerable because it spoke to the time in his life where he didn’t, in fact, feel God. Being chosen compels him to say he is forever in debt to Spike, and the most valuable piece of advice he received from him was “Fuck em”! “Throughout that whole email process, he was like “yo this song dope” and I said that means a lot there were many who thought otherwise! Then he said “Fuck em” and I said touchè Spike, tou-fucking-chè.”

Since, THE IZM has hit the ground running making appearances and performing all over the New York/New Jersey area! Even popping up all over web media sources, making a name for himself! Now with his forthcoming effort Plight of the Centaur he is releasing new music and guess what, you get it here first! “Blazed out” is what I would call an ode to Mary Jane and the courage that she brings! THE IZM says these days of using weed to speak for him are long gone, and now he says what he wants with the pen and pad! Be on the lookout for footage of THE IZM And check out his new single “Blazed Out”.

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