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Rihanna Blocked From Benefit Concert In Baltimore

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Photo cred: Instagram

During a time of racial tension in the United States, a celebrity wanting to do a free benefit concert would be praised. However, that is not the case with Rihanna who was blocked by the City of Baltimore for attempting to do so. In light of the Freddie Gray incident Rihanna chose that city to give back to because the disparaging times called for hope and change. She also wanted to protest peacefully in the streets with the residents that she hoped to inspire in some way. It would give the city a sense of “someone cares for me”, but in the absence of a permit she was unable to do so.

The City of Baltimore, however, gave Prince the opportunity to do a benefit concert which turned out great. Baltimore is filled with young people that could have related to Rihanna, and for one day, could have had peace in their city.

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#MCM E Solo sings Just Gotta Make It

The first time I saw this cutie come across my newsfeed, I was like he is sooooo silly! He was recorded in the subway with a few friends singing an original called “Suck My D!#$”. He fancies himself a dancer, one who has gotten the art of breakdance down to a science! He is showing that he can actually explore other career paths in entertainment. My #MCM today is a handsome,              dancer that happens to sing E Solo! Here singing Trey Songz first joint, Just Gotta Make It. 

Photo Credit: Elijah Soto/Facebook

Photo Credit: Elijah Soto/Facebook



Styles P Talks About His Daughter’s Death

Suicide is a real thing! Many believe, that it doesn’t affect the black community. It’s so taboo, that its rarely spoken about. More recently we’ve had suicide as a back drop in the black community when stars like Don Cornelius, Lee Thompson Young, the incomparable Chris Lighty, and the creator of For Black Girls blog Karyn Washington. More recently, Lox alumni Styles P open up about his daughter’s suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please do not hesitate to call National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255. We are sending our prayers and condolences as Styles P and family get through this time of grief.

I rarely speak on my personal issues and i usually express my pain the through music but today I will share a little with you last month my wife and I lost a daughter and my son lost a sister . My baby girl took her life and there are no words to describe the day to day pain we have to endure and maintain through but in dealing with pain you find yourself dealing with the creator and asking questions and going through emotions most would not understand. So I’m taking this time out to express a few things to y’all because life is short and we are not promised tomorrow. I like to deal with simple math I know I am 180- 180+ but im trying my best to live on the positive side of things . I have truly tried to live up to the code of being a gentleman and gangster to fullest of my ability. I have been chasing the dollar bill since I was 12 years old I hustled I worked legal jobs and even manage to make my dream of making it as a rapper come true I have popped bottles before it was the thing to do , I have owned beamers, benzos , rovers, trucks etc etc etc I have lived in the ritz ,owned condos , houses traveled a lot of places etc etc etc but I can honestly tell you don’t none of that shit add up or equal to love!! I have lost my brother , father , aunt , grandmother in law and too many good friends/ brothers and now my daughter!!!! But the only thing that can be done is to leave it in the creators hands . But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this time out to say from the most humbled part of my heart and soul to say to yall that the dream most of us chase is not !!I repeat is not !!more valuable than the love you get from your family and friends it may seem like it is but it ain’t they print money and make material shit everyday but once you used a love one that’s it the spirit is with you but you will miss the physical and Won’t be able to speak to them how you want to until you get home to the other side. So I just want to tell yall keep it family 1st and don’t get lost and lose your focus the fam is way more important than anything else …. We lost a daughter but gained an angel . Love is love ..ghost


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*****BREAKING***** Bobbi Kristina Dead At 22





It is with great sadness we announce that Bobbi Kristina Brown has passed away. The daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was in hospice in a medically induced coma after being found in a bathtub submerged six months ago. She passed surrounded by family. We would like to send the Brown/Houston families our condolences. Rest easily baby girl.

Tyrese Scores First No 1 Album



Shout out the chocolate, r&b crooner Tyrese for still shocking the radio waves! He is the last of a dying breed who still understands love and baby making music. His new album Black Rose has debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts after selling 85,000 units. This is his self-proclaimed last studio album, but with this kind of success I hope he stays around for a bit. To purchase the album click here.



#MCM 1Dah- Crushing The Building



Back with a new single, 1Dah is Crushing the Building. The NJ bred rapper went from coming home to building a following in the last five or six years. With songs like Bottles on Deck to my personal favorite Have It All, 1Dah is back and he is bringing the heat. His new EP available now at, below you can listen to the newest single Crushing the Building. 



With To Pimp A Butterfly continues to climb the charts, Kendrick Lamar releases Alright today. I am all for trap beats, but this is like a trap beat mixed with a jazzy flow, which for me translates into great coasting music! The video has a Spike Lee feel to it with Kendrick floating while chanting “We gon’ be alright”!


This video gets 5 stars! Everything is dope about this and Kendrick has the making of a classic album.


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Gay Rights Bibi's

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Friday the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in ALL 50 states! This was a beautiful moment in Human Equality and LGBTQ rights, however it has been met with adversity. Religious groups across the country have spoken out about this issue, and I’m appalled. Why would any heterosexual even worry about what the LGBTQ community is doing?

Although this was a great defeat in Human Rights, I have to say that I am still waiting on the equal rights of Black America. At that moment I will cheer and scream to the heavens, for now I will let my friends in the LGBTQ community know that they have my support. They have my support along with a challenge to continue doing the work for the Black community.


Early Saturday morning in the wake of the Charlseton Nine’s Clementa Pickney’s funeral, a young woman named Bree Newsome took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. She climbed up the flag pole in front of the South Carolina State House at 6 am. Newsome ignored the demands to get down from the pole and has been charged with defacing monuments that carries a fine up to $5000 and three year imprisonment. In lieu of her charge, a crowd funding raised about $65,000 for her bail and fees. The flag, however, was raised once again 45 minutes later giving the crowd what they wanted. I think she was honorable and showed incredible non-violent leadership. Bree Newsome, you are forever going to be one of our heroes.

Watch below to see Bree Newsome remove the confederate flag.


Sunday we had the BET Awards 2015, with big winners like Taraji P. Henson, Monae Davis, Sam Smith, Chris Brown, and Beyonce! With a huge dance tribute to Ms. Janet Jackson, who received an Ultimate Icon Award, the great Smokey Robinson, and the philanthropic Tom Joyner it was a great show!

The show stopper was that Diddy and Family! My childhood flashed before my eyes by the time I found my breath, and realized I didn’t see Total! Faith, Mase, Lil Kim were ALL my favorites, but when 112 came out I screamed! Lil Kim had the nerve to come out the floor, I couldn’t deal! Then he let that C Breezy get loose in his set, I lost my mind! A job well done Diddy…but we saw you fall. Gotta love it!

What was your favorite part?

Janet BIBi's

Ciara, Jason Darulo, and Tinashe Pay Tribute To Janet Jackson

When it comes to Janet Jackson, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty, we all know one things for sure: SHE CAN DANCE! Janet is known as Michael Jackson’s adorable kid sister, a multiplatinum artist/entertainer, a beauty, and a dance machine. Last night at the BET Awards, Ms. Jackson was given the award for Ultimate Icon: Dance Visual Award where Ciara, Tinashe, and Jason Darulo turned it up in their tribute to icon.

First Tinashe gives her rendition of Pleasure Principle, while Darulo gives his take on All For You, then CiCi comes through with the If choreography for the kill. I love the other artists, but I would have honestly been ok with Ciara doing the entire set because she’s a great contender for Janet’s legacy!

Check out the video here….

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