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***NEW MUSIC*** Dark Alley Echoes- Selecta

There is a burgeoning new trend to have a great artist perform on your track. But very few and far between do they link and knock it out the park! As soon as the track booms on the house record “Selecta”, THE IZM. (Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus a Spike Lee Production) in a stacatto cadence sings “I don’t do the club thang but I make the club bang” and as soon as the beat drops “honey you don’t stand a chance get lose”! The producer UnUsual brings the distinctive Jersey house music sound! While satiating my musical palate giving me futuristic high hats, reverb, and soul claps, nails it! If you close your eyes you can imagine hitting the highway with your girls jammin! “I’ll house you!” I can see the old heads now making a line dance to this record already! As I’ve mentioned, individually they’re amazing, but together they’re Dark Alley Echoes!

Instintively, I want to take it back to my house roots at Skate 22 (SHOUT OUT TO JERSEY). Bringing The IZM.’s intricate rhyme to UnUsual’s sonic landscape, their sound is as organic as it is enticing. “Selecta” blends the worlds of soul, hip-hop, jazz and house into an escape like none other. Their forthcoming EP will definitely be something to behold and, nonetheless, unforgettable.

This is most definitely going on my play list! Tell me in the comments if you liked!

Photo Cred: THE IZM. Facebook

Photo Cred: THE IZM. Facebook

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Growing Up Hip Hop….CHILE!

Now normally I don’t indulge in reality tv, well I indulge I just don’t share. It’s a guilty pleasure that my other half HATES! Anyway, so while watching Growing Up Hip Hop, I had my entire soul snatched! First they had the Angela Simmons pregnancy and engagement news, then we got the James Debarge/Janet Jackson secret daughter, Romeo’s little sister is an addict, Briana Latrise getting beat up, and now Andre King the brother of Swizz Beats is gay?! He says in his confessional “keeping up appearances is hard”, but c’mon we knew he was gay, right? or at least bisexual, no?

Photo Cred: WeTV

Photo Cred: WeTV

I love these people, but I feel like I liked them better when they were in an untouchable bubble. Now let’s talk about Andre, I feel like who cares if he’s gay? For one, he’s gorgeous, he’s successful, and I haven’t heard any incredibly yucky stories about him so his orientation is cool with me. I just think it sucks that he has to hide behind, and then have to be exposed on national television. I am positive they had to let him know they’d release it, but that’s a hell of a way to “come out”! I hope all is well, and sorry Briana…you will not be sleeping in his bed.

Shouts to the LGBTQ Community!!!

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Best Mannequin Challenge So Far!

With so many challenges sweeping the internet, a young group of blacks and latinos brought attention to a serious problem in The United States, Police brutality. In light of the new President-elect, I think it’s time to set a new tone in America. They are making us face our issues head on. Check out the mannequin challenge!


Unicorn Vomit by The IZM.

As we sat here and waited for Plight of the Centaur, our great friend The IZM. has blessed us with something to satiate our musical palate. He says that his newest releases are an experiment, however I say when you got it, you got it! Unicorn Vomit, a spoken word over dope beats, is eclectic view of life as he knows it right now. It is streaming here

Remixes and bonus tracks are soon to come, but for now you be the judge!

Kathryn Nee

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Emmy Nod for Beyonce?

Photo credit: Variety

Photo credit: Variety


It has been said that HBO is considering submitting Beyonce’s new visual album “Lemonade” for an Emmy! If she wins it would be a first for the Queen Bey. “Lemonade” which aired on Saturday was a smash among the Beyhive and is still buzzing across the internet.

via Variety

Whether Kahlil Joseph and Beyoncé herself, the credited directors of the piece, can be joined by “additional directors” Melina Matsoukas, Todd Tourso, Dikayl Rimmasch, Jonas Akerlund and Mark Romanek remains to be seen. HBO is in the midst of working out those details.

In 2015, the Emmy for outstanding variety special went to NBC’s “Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special,” which edged out, among other nominees, “The Kennedy Center Honors” on CBS.

Meanwhile, “Lemonade” should be a shoo-in for consideration in the lighting design/lighting direction category, given the lush imagery from vignette to vignette. The frames conjured by the seven d.p.s credited on the film have drawn comparisons to the work of Terrence Malick, and the project does have one definitive connection to the reclusive director: Joseph shot behind-the-scenes footage for Malick’s 2013 film “To the Wonder.”

Go Beyzus! This is a good look!

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The Hamiltones Strike Again!

As we all come to know the Hamiltones, Anthony Hamilton’s background singers, want you to put some RESPECK on it! Following the growing phenomena that chased Birdman after his extremely short interview with my favorite crew The Breakfast Club, The Hamiltones saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on. Basing the lyrics on the what Birdman said, they’ve created a viral video yet again!

Credit: Youtube

So the next time you hear the Hamiltone’s name, Put Some Respeck on It!

Dumblonde BiBi

Dumblonde Releases ‘Dreamsicle’

Dumblonde BiBi


When I say I am here for this baby this is EVERYTHING! Fresh off the short lived 2013 Danity Kane reunion, Aubrey and Shannon climb high! Releasing their new music video exclusively at Billboard, Dreamsicle. Coming out of a reunion that ended in a physical altercation between Dawn Ri’chard and the duo, Dumblonde, create an exciting, risqué, psychodelic video that is sure to be a club/dance hit.

“We started out this project knowing that visually we wanted to create a different story behind each song,” says O’Day. “Each video is in a different stylistic format that, when combined, create the full picture of the many facets that create ‘dumblonde’.”

The full album will be released independently on September 25th entitled dumblonde. The album is available for preorder here.



It seems Meek Mill’s sister, Nasheema Williams, took aim at Drake! She came real hard with her bars barely coming up for air! She has a promising career as a ghostwriter, Drake might want to scoop her! She looks just like Meek here too! Watch the video below


Drake Releases Back to Back Freestyle: Cover Art Is EVERYTHING!




Fresh off the constant tweets of Meek Mill, Drake releases his second diss track called Back to Back! This is a follow up to Charged Up he released just four days ago. He also reminds Meek that he “hasn’t done anything about the other one”! This is in regards to Meek not responding with a  track. I have to say I’m happy Drake is keeping it on wax. We haven’t had a great rap beef since Ray J and Fab lol .

 So the score is

Drake: 2 Diss Tracks

Meek Mill: 200 Tweets

I’m a fan of Drake and Meek, but I have to admit the diss records that came out prior to now like Hit em up, Ether, Takeover, and classic The Bridge is over are way better lyrically. With the score being what it is, we have to see what Meek will do. Remember Ether came out two months post Takeover. A little fun fact about Drakes Cover Art. Picture is Toronto Blue Jay Joe Carter hitting a walk off home run to win the ’93 World series over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Drake was that a read?! Lol Meek your up!