5 Ways to Make Your Credit Jump for Joy

We all know credit is a major asset to have in life! It is synonomous with giving someone your “word is bond” when borrowing something promising to pay back. Now don’t get me wrong, typically many people do well with their credit, however there are far more that do not. This is for the people that have moderate to bad credit. I’m a Dream Catcher so I take my personal finances seriously. I am also cheap lol, but that’s another story. I follow the financial advice of Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, she can be found on Facebook here I surmised five important points for me and I hope they can help you.


  • Get a secured card, if your credit is need of an adjustment. This will help build or establish credit.
  • Make sure your utilization is below 30%. This shows you are a responsible user and you will not abuse the credit.
  •  Find a bill that you pay faithfully every month, and pay it on or before time with the credit card. Then pay the credit card to zero with the money you had for the bill in cash.
  • Plan a budget. Typically you add up all your monthly expenses and subtract that from your monthly income.
  • SAVE! It is very important to save because this is the mindset that builds wealth.

There are many other things you can do to fix your credit and make it a priority. These five tips are just a reference point, but I guarantee it will make a difference in at least 30-45 days.


Couponing Is Life

Frequently I hear people say how much they love couponing, but I never took an interest in it because it seems so time consuming. Then there was Summer 16! A friend of mine had recently taken up the sport of couponing, and more importantly was willing to share! Now I am all about anything that is free because if it’s free it’s for BiBi. She directed me to a site called which was a lifesaver! I said to myself I’m going to do a small haul just to see what I had to do in order to save tremendously. So here are some tips.

1. Use the coupons from the site, if you copy and they’re not in color the store will not take them.

2. Pay attention to the quantity you can purchase in a day. For example, one household can purchase 4 identical items at a time in one store.

3. Get what you need and not things that are just on sale, it defeats the purpose of saving.

4. Tell a friend. If you have a friend that is into saving their money it makes the experience more fun!

My friend also told me about the Instagram community that sells coupons, however I don’t know how I feel about this. If I can get and print them for free unless I really need it I won’t purchase them from anyone else. However, if you are adamant about couponing, the hashtag to search is #couponcommunity.

I hope this helps, Happy Couponing!!!

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High School in North Carolina Teach Money Management by Adding a Bank

Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina began to take the money man by the hand by opening a bank and teaching students how to manage finances. The school offers finance classes to learn financial literacy, and they employ the students and also make them interns.


This is the first branch that the bank has opened at a high school, according to the bank’s senior vice president, Jessica Valentine. The initiative was supported and applauded by State Treasurer Janet Cowell, who stated, “I’m looking forward to traveling the state to emphasize the importance of building better money management life skills and saving practices that will benefit North Carolinians from early childhood through retirement.”

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This is a great look for the students and hopefully they take full advantage of it all.



Pay Down Student Debt

Have you ever just wanted Sallie Mae, who is now Navient, to just come and take their degree back? We all have, but now there is a solution. There is a friend of mine who happens to be the best Finance Entrepreneur I’ve ever known. She is Tiffany Aliche better known as the budgetnista! She’s been a dream come true when it comes to managing finances.


The Budgetnista has partnered with Upromise to bring us better ways to pay down student loan debt. She recommends four easy ways to get the job done, while making your credit score “Jump like Jordan”.

1. Get a Upromise MasterCard and use it Responsibly.

2. Purchase usual items through Upromise

3.Register your current debit/credit card and earn money back

4. Register your grocery or drugstore discount card through Upromise

These are the suggested ways to eliminate student loan debt by using Upromise. To get a break down visit The Budgetnista’s site here