Bella Curl Hair Product Review


For starters this isn’t a sponsored review I bought the product myself very inexpensively at the store. When I smelled the conditioner I said, hmmm this smells amazing! I bought him home and immediately co washed my hair and flat twisted it to my head. In the morning when I took them down my hair was stretched and not too greasy. The leave in and the coconut curling cream had a great slippery feel. It’s water based and sulfate free!

I suggest a trial period with this product. I’ve noticed that with this product using gel may bring you the white dandruff like flakes.


Moves We Make

Moves We Make an award winning film written by JM Benjamin a Plainfield, NJ native and directed by Patrick Coker has released the film for purchase as well as rental on Vimeo. So I watched, and marveled in the plot and the twists and turns that came with it. It’s about a gangster that makes some decisions that affected his family and his woman! He has to find out the hard way.

I give this 4 stars!

Moves We Make from Nonstop Show Group on Vimeo.