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Growing Up Hip Hop….CHILE!

Now normally I don’t indulge in reality tv, well I indulge I just don’t share. It’s a guilty pleasure that my other half HATES! Anyway, so while watching Growing Up Hip Hop, I had my entire soul snatched! First they had the Angela Simmons pregnancy and engagement news, then we got the James Debarge/Janet Jackson secret daughter, Romeo’s little sister is an addict, Briana Latrise getting beat up, and now Andre King the brother of Swizz Beats is gay?! He says in his confessional “keeping up appearances is hard”, but c’mon we knew he was gay, right? or at least bisexual, no?

Photo Cred: WeTV

Photo Cred: WeTV

I love these people, but I feel like I liked them better when they were in an untouchable bubble. Now let’s talk about Andre, I feel like who cares if he’s gay? For one, he’s gorgeous, he’s successful, and I haven’t heard any incredibly yucky stories about him so his orientation is cool with me. I just think it sucks that he has to hide behind, and then have to be exposed on national television. I am positive they had to let him know they’d release it, but that’s a hell of a way to “come out”! I hope all is well, and sorry Briana…you will not be sleeping in his bed.

Shouts to the LGBTQ Community!!!