DIY Nook Vanity Makeover-Budget Friendly

So I wanted to give my little nook in my bedroom an update. I said that I was going to use it as a changing/makeup station, so I looked around the house for my budget luxurious items. I had an old vanity that I got for free from my neighbor, and a mirror in the living room that only I used, a stool, and a girly Marilyn Monroe photo. I am taking that down, however it serves its purpose for this post. What I didn’t have was something to cover the worn top on the vanity, then I thought hmmm, contact paper! I go to the local family dollar and purchase a roll of contact paper, 2 vases, and a curtain. I was at Walmart for a completely different reason and ended up purchasing what I came for as well as a small, transparent make up organizer. I went to my moms and she gifted me a lamp and another piece I can hang jewelry from. All together my project was less than $20 bucks!

With a little will, there is always a way! Check out the gallery below…

Things You Will Need:

  • old desk or table, either doesn’t matter you’re personalizing it anyway!
  • mirror, I bought mine years ago for about $1-5 at a dollar store so mine was recycled but they go for pretty cheap.
  • Lamp, my mom gifted this so it was free, but some stores like Family Dollar have them for about $5-$10 dollars.
  • Curtain, I bought mine for $5 at the Family Dollar store.
  • Picture, was purchased from Walmart about 6 years ago for about $10 so it was on hand and free.
  • Vases, for hair utensils from Family Dollar store and were literally a dollar

Throw this all together and rejuvenate your space. I promise you when you walk in after a long day it will be worth it!