Couponing Is Life

Frequently I hear people say how much they love couponing, but I never took an interest in it because it seems so time consuming. Then there was Summer 16! A friend of mine had recently taken up the sport of couponing, and more importantly was willing to share! Now I am all about anything that is free because if it’s free it’s for BiBi. She directed me to a site called which was a lifesaver! I said to myself I’m going to do a small haul just to see what I had to do in order to save tremendously. So here are some tips.

1. Use the coupons from the site, if you copy and they’re not in color the store will not take them.

2. Pay attention to the quantity you can purchase in a day. For example, one household can purchase 4 identical items at a time in one store.

3. Get what you need and not things that are just on sale, it defeats the purpose of saving.

4. Tell a friend. If you have a friend that is into saving their money it makes the experience more fun!

My friend also told me about the Instagram community that sells coupons, however I don’t know how I feel about this. If I can get and print them for free unless I really need it I won’t purchase them from anyone else. However, if you are adamant about couponing, the hashtag to search is #couponcommunity.

I hope this helps, Happy Couponing!!!