There are boys and then there are gentlemen. A gentleman is usually a pillar of the community, a source of wisdom and a classic man. These particular men are from the City of Plainfield and are all strong forces in their hometown. Lead by newly elected Board of Education member, Richard Wyatt. The goal of The GMC or the Gentlemen Making Changes is to take out the negative, while restoring the gentleman.

On November 14th, Mr. Wyatt and his friends called for the “Return of the Gentleman”. There was a strict dress code of formal suits and attire on men while they donated pieces to other men in need of these items.

As Richard and his friends, who range from police officers to basketball coaches, are showing our young men that it’s ok to be fly. It’s ok to be a working man, and even more ok to be a man of the community.

Much success to to everyone who is supporting this movement. It was awesome to see the young boys out in their suits and tie!


GMC Stay Classic



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