Drake Releases Back to Back Freestyle: Cover Art Is EVERYTHING!




Fresh off the constant tweets of Meek Mill, Drake releases his second diss track called Back to Back! This is a follow up to Charged Up he released just four days ago. He also reminds Meek that he “hasn’t done anything about the other one”! This is in regards to Meek not responding with a  track. I have to say I’m happy Drake is keeping it on wax. We haven’t had a great rap beef since Ray J and Fab lol .

 So the score is

Drake: 2 Diss Tracks

Meek Mill: 200 Tweets

I’m a fan of Drake and Meek, but I have to admit the diss records that came out prior to now like Hit em up, Ether, Takeover, and classic The Bridge is over are way better lyrically. With the score being what it is, we have to see what Meek will do. Remember Ether came out two months post Takeover. A little fun fact about Drakes Cover Art. Picture is Toronto Blue Jay Joe Carter hitting a walk off home run to win the ’93 World series over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Drake was that a read?! Lol Meek your up!