Pay Down Student Debt

Have you ever just wanted Sallie Mae, who is now Navient, to just come and take their degree back? We all have, but now there is a solution. There is a friend of mine who happens to be the best Finance Entrepreneur I’ve ever known. She is Tiffany Aliche better known as the budgetnista! She’s been a dream come true when it comes to managing finances.


The Budgetnista has partnered with Upromise to bring us better ways to pay down student loan debt. She recommends four easy ways to get the job done, while making your credit score “Jump like Jordan”.

1. Get a Upromise MasterCard and use it Responsibly.

2. Purchase usual items through Upromise

3.Register your current debit/credit card and earn money back

4. Register your grocery or drugstore discount card through Upromise

These are the suggested ways to eliminate student loan debt by using Upromise. To get a break down visit The Budgetnista’s site here