Photo cred:Brandy (bish whatttttt)

Brandy as Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical

I am just a regular person who is a lover of all things, and I like to share! CHICAGO is one of the best musicals on Broadway, and has been for years! However, the Starz aligned (See what I did there) and allowed the Vocal Bible, better known as Brandy, to stand next to me! First let me say, she was phenomenal! I honestly have to say this is the best I’ve ever seen her! Not because of the music, but instead the acting and improvising she does! She made Roxie hers, and I believed every second of it! Now that is not to say Brandy didn’t slide those honey dipped vocals into the songs like “Roxie” and “Me and My Baby” because I almost fell out of my seat!

For one, I struggled to believe I was ten feet away from her for the second time in 2 years. What was even more fascinating is the different kinds of people that came to witness her greatness! CHICAGO was great, ¬†but a chance meeting with the star of the show was enough for me to know God is real! She walked out and I reverted back to my 12 year old self! I couldn’t believe I was shaking so much that she had to take our selfie! So not only did she hug me, posed with me, laughed with me, took our selfie, she said “Thanks, nice seeing you again” I laughed because I knew she didn’t know who I was, but the gesture was still genuine! She was even down for a great laugh when I said my bestie (who made most of this possible by the way Thanks Shug!) was not her biggest fan; I was! Then demanded we ALL needed a pic! I really appreciated our moment!

Her residency at the Ambassador Theater on W 49th and Broadway has been extended to AUGUST 2 because she’s that damn good, so go check it out! Maybe you can meet her too!

To keep up with Brandy visit her blog and hashtag #TheNextBrandy