With To Pimp A Butterfly continues to climb the charts, Kendrick Lamar releases Alright today. I am all for trap beats, but this is like a trap beat mixed with a jazzy flow, which for me translates into great coasting music! The video has a Spike Lee feel to it with Kendrick floating while chanting “We gon’ be alright”!


This video gets 5 stars! Everything is dope about this and Kendrick has the making of a classic album.



Kyemah McEntyre Designs Naturi Naughton’s Dress

As if breaking the internet wasn’t enough, the 18 year old East Orange, NJ native Kyemah McEntyre has just solidified her footing in Hollywood. Designing a dress for Naturi Naughton of hit Starz cable tv show Power, she’s got the makings of becoming a major hitter in the industry.


The teen sensation is definitely on her way to the top! Pretty soon her designs will be all over the world! Keep breaking the internet baby girl!



Pay Down Student Debt

Have you ever just wanted Sallie Mae, who is now Navient, to just come and take their degree back? We all have, but now there is a solution. There is a friend of mine who happens to be the best Finance Entrepreneur I’ve ever known. She is Tiffany Aliche better known as the budgetnista! She’s been a dream come true when it comes to managing finances.


The Budgetnista has partnered with Upromise to bring us better ways to pay down student loan debt. She recommends four easy ways to get the job done, while making your credit score “Jump like Jordan”.

1. Get a Upromise MasterCard and use it Responsibly.

2. Purchase usual items through Upromise

3.Register your current debit/credit card and earn money back

4. Register your grocery or drugstore discount card through Upromise

These are the suggested ways to eliminate student loan debt by using Upromise. To get a break down visit The Budgetnista’s site here

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Gay Rights Bibi's

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Friday the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in ALL 50 states! This was a beautiful moment in Human Equality and LGBTQ rights, however it has been met with adversity. Religious groups across the country have spoken out about this issue, and I’m appalled. Why would any heterosexual even worry about what the LGBTQ community is doing?

Although this was a great defeat in Human Rights, I have to say that I am still waiting on the equal rights of Black America. At that moment I will cheer and scream to the heavens, for now I will let my friends in the LGBTQ community know that they have my support. They have my support along with a challenge to continue doing the work for the Black community.


Early Saturday morning in the wake of the Charlseton Nine’s Clementa Pickney’s funeral, a young woman named Bree Newsome took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. She climbed up the flag pole in front of the South Carolina State House at 6 am. Newsome ignored the demands to get down from the pole and has been charged with defacing monuments that carries a fine up to $5000 and three year imprisonment. In lieu of her charge, a crowd funding raised about $65,000 for her bail and fees. The flag, however, was raised once again 45 minutes later giving the crowd what they wanted. I think she was honorable and showed incredible non-violent leadership. Bree Newsome, you are forever going to be one of our heroes.

Watch below to see Bree Newsome remove the confederate flag.


Sunday we had the BET Awards 2015, with big winners like Taraji P. Henson, Monae Davis, Sam Smith, Chris Brown, and Beyonce! With a huge dance tribute to Ms. Janet Jackson, who received an Ultimate Icon Award, the great Smokey Robinson, and the philanthropic Tom Joyner it was a great show!

The show stopper was that Diddy and Family! My childhood flashed before my eyes by the time I found my breath, and realized I didn’t see Total! Faith, Mase, Lil Kim were ALL my favorites, but when 112 came out I screamed! Lil Kim had the nerve to come out the floor, I couldn’t deal! Then he let that C Breezy get loose in his set, I lost my mind! A job well done Diddy…but we saw you fall. Gotta love it!

What was your favorite part?

Janet BIBi's

Ciara, Jason Darulo, and Tinashe Pay Tribute To Janet Jackson

When it comes to Janet Jackson, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty, we all know one things for sure: SHE CAN DANCE! Janet is known as Michael Jackson’s adorable kid sister, a multiplatinum artist/entertainer, a beauty, and a dance machine. Last night at the BET Awards, Ms. Jackson was given the award for Ultimate Icon: Dance Visual Award where Ciara, Tinashe, and Jason Darulo turned it up in their tribute to icon.

First Tinashe gives her rendition of Pleasure Principle, while Darulo gives his take on All For You, then CiCi comes through with the If choreography for the kill. I love the other artists, but I would have honestly been ok with Ciara doing the entire set because she’s a great contender for Janet’s legacy!

Check out the video here….

Visual by Revolt TV


Taraji P. Henson covers W Magazine

Taraji P. Henson serves that Cookie realness for the W Magazine cover. While this is one of many, Taraji is giving us fever in the forthcoming issue. She speaks on Cookie  and her role on the breakout show “Empire”.

“When I hear that Cookie is a bad representation of black women, I don’t get involved. Maybe Cookie makes you uncomfortable because she reminds you of yourself. People miss the bigger picture when they start judging.”

Now that, that’s out the way the 40 something actress slays the pages of the magazine! Read here for more…’s-august-2015-issue-calls-cookie

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Trey Songz visits The Breakfast Club

Mr. Steal Your Girl is back, as his single Slow Motion hits number one! At The Breakfast Club promoting his fourth number one hit of the album Trigga, here he spoke on touring with Chris Brown, his love life, and needing a vacation. He seems to have a humble, mature spirit when he speaks on love and not responding to the hate from his peers and fans. We are anticipating the release of Tremaine, but while you wait check out his interview here!

Photo cred:Brandy (bish whatttttt)

Brandy as Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical

I am just a regular person who is a lover of all things, and I like to share! CHICAGO is one of the best musicals on Broadway, and has been for years! However, the Starz aligned (See what I did there) and allowed the Vocal Bible, better known as Brandy, to stand next to me! First let me say, she was phenomenal! I honestly have to say this is the best I’ve ever seen her! Not because of the music, but instead the acting and improvising she does! She made Roxie hers, and I believed every second of it! Now that is not to say Brandy didn’t slide those honey dipped vocals into the songs like “Roxie” and “Me and My Baby” because I almost fell out of my seat!

For one, I struggled to believe I was ten feet away from her for the second time in 2 years. What was even more fascinating is the different kinds of people that came to witness her greatness! CHICAGO was great,  but a chance meeting with the star of the show was enough for me to know God is real! She walked out and I reverted back to my 12 year old self! I couldn’t believe I was shaking so much that she had to take our selfie! So not only did she hug me, posed with me, laughed with me, took our selfie, she said “Thanks, nice seeing you again” I laughed because I knew she didn’t know who I was, but the gesture was still genuine! She was even down for a great laugh when I said my bestie (who made most of this possible by the way Thanks Shug!) was not her biggest fan; I was! Then demanded we ALL needed a pic! I really appreciated our moment!

Her residency at the Ambassador Theater on W 49th and Broadway has been extended to AUGUST 2 because she’s that damn good, so go check it out! Maybe you can meet her too!

To keep up with Brandy visit her blog and hashtag #TheNextBrandy




Photo cred: BiBi

Photo cred: BiBi

Fresh off his run as an unsigned artist featured on Spike Lee’s joint Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, THE IZM is back with his latest musical masterpiece. Serving all that boom cat realness with the new track “Blazed Out”, I sat down with THE IZM to find out what he’s been up to.

Photo cred: BiBi

Photo cred: BiBi

THE IZM credits finding his name on the back of Erykah Badu’s  Mama’s Gun where it states “What’s yo Izm?” Rapping and producing is something that he discovered in 2004 [05], he enjoyed. Releasing NTROduction to IZMaticks 101: Expanded Edition,  then King For A Day on January 21, 2013 (which was MLK,Jr. Day), and the highly anticipated Plight of the Centaur is on its way.

THE IZM goes on record saying “I will forever be indebted to Travis Daniels, Lesley G, and his manager Dave Jackson” for helping him put out one of his most vulnerable works, however he owes his newly found success to Spike Lee himself. He states being down and out, faded scrolling through Facebook, he happened upon the opportunity with the famed filmmaker.


Photo cred: BiBi


“I’ll submit “I Don’t Feel God”, not really thinking anything of it. About a month and half later, “you’re in the semifinals!” About a month and a half after that, “you’re on the soundtrack for Da Sweet Blood of Jesus”!” This is the song he feels is the most vulnerable because it spoke to the time in his life where he didn’t, in fact, feel God. Being chosen compels him to say he is forever in debt to Spike, and the most valuable piece of advice he received from him was “Fuck em”! “Throughout that whole email process, he was like “yo this song dope” and I said that means a lot there were many who thought otherwise! Then he said “Fuck em” and I said touchè Spike, tou-fucking-chè.”

Since, THE IZM has hit the ground running making appearances and performing all over the New York/New Jersey area! Even popping up all over web media sources, making a name for himself! Now with his forthcoming effort Plight of the Centaur he is releasing new music and guess what, you get it here first! “Blazed out” is what I would call an ode to Mary Jane and the courage that she brings! THE IZM says these days of using weed to speak for him are long gone, and now he says what he wants with the pen and pad! Be on the lookout for footage of THE IZM And check out his new single “Blazed Out”.