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This is an artist who, in my opinion, transcends any genre put in his ears. He is an A1 vocalist, a producer, a songwriter, a engineer the list goes on and on. However, now that he is simply a “songwriter” he has put his writing skills to the test with many up and coming artists like Dame and Ali Caldwell. Ever the artist, he amazingly still finds time to produce and release his own music!

With a vast number of female vocalist that we love like Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, and Aaliyah, he decided to release some to pay homage! By infusing his production with a smooth vocal adds another element to what you’re listening to. If you’re a fan you can also keep up with the sample in the music! I, personally, love how he released songs every Wednesday as an ode to these divas with a current spin on the music! A job well done!

@Anatural4Ever IG

@Anatural4Ever IG

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This is one of my favorite artist because of his versatility my #MCM, Anatural.

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