Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee IG


Everyone has their favorite Youtuber that they may have watched grow from their inception. Many of us Black and Latina girls are natural, and have been for quite sometime. However, when we initially went natural the only help we received for these TWA’s could be found on YouTube. Enter Yolanda Renee. I was one of her first subscribers, I’ve experienced at least three big chops, a bunch of make up tutorials, and have watched the level of creativity soar.

Let’s talk about why Yolanda Renee is one of the best natural hair, WOKE, naturalistas:

1. She’s beautiful and has a beautiful family. On their vlog you can see the love as she teaches her two daughters Taylor and Skylar to love their natural self! There’s wayyyy more she teaches them but I’m saving that for number 2. Her fiancĂ©, Devon, is a dope, conscious rapper is heavily involved in his community and family life. That’s #BLACKLOVE at it’s finest! Devon’s album ‘A Blank Canvas Should Be Illegal” is out now on all major platforms.

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee IG

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee IG

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee IG

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee IG

2. Yolanda Renee is very creative and savvy. Since, the inception of her YouTube channel she was still the same Yolanda, but you literally watched the quality of her videos soar after about 5 videos she was a PRO!

3. She creates ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT AND TOURS BEING HERSELF! That is one of the most powerful things you can show two young, black girls; be an original and know your worth. In my opinion, it would be hard for Taylor and Sky not to follow in mom’s footsteps because they are obviously naturals. The beauty of creating your own content is Yolanda Renee owns all of her intellectual property. I don’t know about you, but I believe that’s what makes her a maven.


4. She engages her audience on all forms of social media. This characteristic alone makes her approachable, sweet, and just simply nice. A lot of self made bosses don’t have time to surf the content of their platforms, but Yolanda takes the time to engage.

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee  IG

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee IG

5. One of the most important things Yolanda Renee does, you know besides slay, is share how she does everything herself and her method to get there. To many other girl bosses this information is amazing and FREE. Yolanda has a series on her YouTube showing her methods on record keeping, emailing, monetizing your channel and so much more.

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee Youtube

Photo Cred: Yolanda Renee Youtube

As you all may be able to tell, Yolanda Renee is one of my favorite social media mavens! Her amazing marketing tactics are above par, and has allowed her to create a world of her own around things she loves. Yolanda Renee is our Maven Crush Monday!

Check her out here

Follow her on all social media @Etcblogmag

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4 Reasons Why Issa Rae is So Dope For The Culture

For those of you that have been living under a rock, Issa Rae is the new “IT” girl in Hollywood. Jo-Issa “Issa” Rae Diop is a 31 year old, Capricorn set out on a mission to slay all stereotypes. Best known for her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl, she’s gained much steam for her HBO debut, “Insecure”.

Photo Cred: Black Women In Hollywood

Photo Cred: Black Women In Hollywood

Still in her early stages of stardom, the Stanford graduate is killing the game. Here’s a short list of 4 Reasons Why Issa Rae so dope for the culture:

1. REPRESENTATION It is important for young woman and little girls see an image of themselves when they look at things in the media. Issa Rae makes it ok to be a “brown skinned, kinky hair” girl. She also shows young, black girls being “awkward” or “different” is actually very ok.

Photo Cred:Vanity Fair

Photo Cred:Vanity Fair

2. HUSTLE Issa shows hustling and grinding on a different level. Issa is a beautiful example of using your creativity to level up. Issa garnered more than 2MILLION views on her Awkward Black Girl series that led to an actual book. By the time the book was published, Issa was announcing her show, Insecure, was picked up on HBO in 2015. That’s how you level up!
Photo Cred:HBO

Photo Cred:HBO

3. HER TWEETS ARE LIFE Issa has the best Twitter timeline EVER! THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE (FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK) I consistently read Issa’s tweet, especially when she live tweets during Insecure. She say some of the funniest things and they’re so spot on it’s ridiculous. I can’t help but to clutch my pearls at the hilarity that takes place there.

Photo Cred: Issa Rae's twitter

Photo Cred: Issa Rae’s twitter

4. EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL COVERGIRL Issa recently announced that she has earned the coveted COVERGIRL spot. Issa says, “Becoming a COVERGIRL means a lot because the brand recognizes just how important for people to embrace their individuality and express themselves in unique and diverse ways.” GO GIRL!

Photo Cred: InStyle

Photo Cred: InStyle

Issa Rae is a game changer, and that’s why she’s dope for the culture.

Mortgage Mess


Maxine Waters is one of the most talked about FEMALE politicians out. She has an air of confidence that precedes her everywhere she goes. She recently visited The Breakfast Our favorite quote was:

If you gone shoot, shoot square cause a wounded animal is the worst to deal with.

Ok Auntie Maxine don’t play that shhhhh! Check out the video and shout out to my favorite morning show.



Tis the season of college students returning to their campuses to push forward on to their degree. We applaud you, but we know you need a few things to make sure you’re transition is easy.

Here are 5 MUST HAVE items for returning to school:

1. LAPTOP There are many inexpensive laptops at major retailors like Walmart, but don’t discount Amazon. Also, check if your school has a discount available with Apple.

2. A SMART PHONE This is another solution to not having a laptop because it operates in the same fashion as a computer.

3. TRADITIONAL PAPER AND PEN It doesn’t matter what school you attend, you will most definitely always need these two staples.

4. USB FLASH DRIVE This is necessary because intellectual property, in my opinion, is priceless. Keep all your documents and study guides on your flash drive for your convenience.

5. DRY ERASE BOARD This allows to brainstorm on the fly! Very useful tool when you’re in college.

I hope these tips were helpful for you. Let me know what we should add to the list!



There is a new trend called Microblading. Now while it’s a beautiful look, I actually inquired and they use a real blade! Now I don’t know about you, but I feel a way about it.
With Microblading you get a sleek, full eyebrows but is the razor necessary? In this instance yes it is. The microblader has to numb the eyebrow area and then stroke your eyebrows with a blade. To me, this sounds dangerous, but it’s a tattoo so I see the difference.

What do you think?


Bella Curl Hair Product Review


For starters this isn’t a sponsored review I bought the product myself very inexpensively at the store. When I smelled the conditioner I said, hmmm this smells amazing! I bought him home and immediately co washed my hair and flat twisted it to my head. In the morning when I took them down my hair was stretched and not too greasy. The leave in and the coconut curling cream had a great slippery feel. It’s water based and sulfate free!

I suggest a trial period with this product. I’ve noticed that with this product using gel may bring you the white dandruff like flakes.


Moves We Make

Moves We Make an award winning film written by JM Benjamin a Plainfield, NJ native and directed by Patrick Coker has released the film for purchase as well as rental on Vimeo. So I watched, and marveled in the plot and the twists and turns that came with it. It’s about a gangster that makes some decisions that affected his family and his woman! He has to find out the hard way.

I give this 4 stars!

Moves We Make from Nonstop Show Group on Vimeo.